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Our personnel is dedicated to conduct efficient sales and technical service for customers.

CPS Georgia is continuously taking care of knowledge and qualification of its sales and technical personnel by sending them to trainings abroad to our partner manufacturers. As a result: 

  • Company sales personnel is capable to Fast and efficient processing of orders and customer inquiries.

  • We provide customers manufacturer authorized assistance, warranty, trainings, full aftermarket & technical services.

  • Our customers benefit from On-site delivery services of their orders. Our stock control system is guaranteeing constant and immediate supply of filters, parts & consumables to customers when needed.  

  • Company has workshop equipped with necessary tools and equipment for servicing equipment as well as mobile workshop van for conducting heavy machinery service On-Field.

  • We are equipped with mobile laboratory to check diesel quality and save our customers to avoid machine breakdowns and service costs through installing Donaldson Bulk Filtration systems on fuel tanks. 

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